Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement for all UK businesses and organizations employing more than one person. The basic requirement is that each organization must identify and nominate an individual as the ‘responsible person’. That person’s duty is then to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to eliminate the risk of fire on the premises. The responsibility is for all the individuals that work at the premises AND visitors.

Fire Risk Assessments are now required by law since October 2006

Who is responsible for fire risk assessment?

Everybody entering your business premises: employees/staff; contractors/workers; clients/customers; friends & family or other visitors – has a responsibility to ensure fire safety. It is a legal requirement that all businesses must now have a legally-designated “responsible person” who’s duty it is to arrange for a fire risk assessment, identify any possible fire risks and deal with them. This law comes into force in Northern Ireland in 2008.

In most cases, it will be obvious who the responsible person should be, although sometimes several people will share responsibility for fire risk assessment – for example in shared premises or larger businesses. The ‘responsible person’ will be someone who has control over premises, or over some areas, departments or systems.

Fire Risk Assessment – The Law

Work places & retail outlets such as shops all require an annual fire risk assessment
Including care homes & hospitals
Locations where the public gather
All schools, colleges and universities
Community halls and leisure center’s all require annual assessments
Religious worship premises need annual risk assessments
All HMO’s require risk assessments for insurance purposes
Hotels, motels and hostels are all covered as premises requiring assessments
Factories, warehouses and all industrial units need an annual risk assessment carried out

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